Wednesday, 27 April 2011

New Kids on the Block star finds a new kidney for a fan

Thanks to a single tweet from New Kids on the Block's Donnie Wahlberg and the reaction of his fans, a kidney transplant is now available for Abbie Vicknair.

Donnie and Abbie

When Abbie Vicknair was left with a five year wait for a new kidney her friend Bobbette Miller immediately wanted to help. Within two hours of tweeting about Abbie's situation Bobbette couldn't believe her eyes when she saw that Donnie Wahlberg had passed on the message to his 183 000+ fans on Twitter.

After the message had been spread six potential donors had come forth, of the six one was a match.

Abbie and her donor have been put down to have the transplant this June. A what would have been five years has been drastically cut down to only a few months all thanks to the love from a close friend and both the fame and kindness of a celebrity.


  1. Really interesting, I've always liked Donnie Wahlberg. Not crazy famous, but he works and something like this really says a lot about his character.

    Nice blog, followed!